Bobtail tankers for LPG

ASMET continues to focus on exporting its LPG transportation and distribution equipment.

Despite the current situation that all countries are having to deal with due to the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, A. Silva Matos – Equipamentos de Transporte, SA (ASMET) remains committed to satisfying not only the national market but also, fulfil his customers’ orders abroad.

“The increased difficulties only motivate us to give more and better and that is why we see African markets as a bet that has proved to be hugely successful.”

Finished and about to leave for West Africa, this bobtail tanker, here with a capacity of 23m3 and equipped with a distribution system, is one of the most relevant products and one of the banners of ASMET in that region of the globe, with a high demand for everyone who knows about our very high build quality, durability and reliability of our products. These key characteristics are just another proof of our success and, more importantly, what makes us want to go further, have more customers and take our product worldwide, as we know of our ability to produce a very wide range of equipment transport, able to withstand the most adverse environmental conditions, always following the most stringent construction and safety standards and tailored to the business of those who seek us.

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