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A. Silva Matos, SA is one of the companies belonging to the prestigious metalworking group A. Silva Matos, SA, located in Sever do Vouga – Portugal, which has been in the oil, petrochemical, cryogenic and energy markets since 1980. Dedicated to the manufacture, legalization and maintenance of chassis and semi-trailer tanks for the transport and storage of ADR, non-ADR and food hazardous materials. In addition, A. Silva Matos, SA also sells containerized tanks, also intended for the transport and storage of ADR hazardous materials, in accordance with codes IMO / RID / ADR  / US DOT / ISO / UIC / CSC. After-Sales and Repair Service is also performed at its premises in Sever do Vouga.

Padrões Industrial zone


  • 2003

    The origins of A. Silva Matos, S.A. date back to 2003, still under the name of Petrotank, Lda., One of the companies of the aforementioned group, with the representation for Portugal of the Spanish brand of tanks COBO. After working for four years, Top Management sought the expansion of this business area and the diversification of equipment, thus dedicating itself to manufacture its own LPG tanks. Hold the current name of A. Silva Matos, S.A..

  • 2008

    The growing and promising market boosted this company, and in early 2008, it acquired the 47,500m2 of ex-Metalicis facilities, also in Sever do Vouga, with which it had so far established a manufacturing partnership. Thus, in 2008, A. Silva Matos, S.A. tripled its production capacity, and consequently, improved service to the Customer. Now having two facilities, one is dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of equipment for LPG and another to the most diverse transport and storage equipment of the most diverse products.

  • 2012

    The year 2012 marked its start in the South American markets, with the creation of ASM Trailers Brazil, located in the state of S. Paulo. Due to its growth and the need for greater production capacity to meet its evolving market.

  • 2013

    SA acquired 51% of Cisfra, a company also dedicated to the manufacture of cisterns and located in Reigoso, Oliveira de Frades district. Since then, A. Silva Matos - Transportation Equipment, S.A. has been making several investments in the modernization of its facilities and in the purchase of vanguard, making this company one of the most competitive in the domestic market and International. These are the guarantee of a work performed in perfection and with quality, aiming to exceed all expectations of its customers. Today its production is based on the most demanding regulatory codes, in response to its growing market, of which the Middle East, Asian and African markets stand out.

  • 2015

    ASMET made the transition to NP ISO 9001: 2015 and NP ISO 14001: 2015.


ASM ET wants to be recognised for their competence and ability in the activities related to its mission, through the promotion of sustainability, be it of the environment or of their own activity. Quality, Innovation and Competitiveness are the strategic characteristics of its performance.


Create value through its collaborators, who are competent and motivated, satisfying the needs and requirements of its Clients and stakeholders.


ASM ET’s business activity primarily focuses on values such as globalisation, authenticity, responsibility, competency and environment and safety.


IAPMEI PME Certificate 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

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