Bobtail Tankers for LPG

Bobtail Tankers for LPG

For the transportation of  Liquefied Petroleum Gas


  • Steel, with or without distribution system.


  • Between 8m3 and 30m3;
  • Chassis with two or three axles;
  • Back or side box;

Standard equipment:

  • Standard or high-pressure pump;
  • Meter (mass, turbine or volumetric);
  • Mechanical or electronic head;
  • Ticket printer or cabin printer;
  • Hose reel for different types of hoses;
  • Remote control;
  • Manhole;
  • Valves and accessories.

Bobtail Tankers for LPG

For Gases, in addition to the Bobtail Tankers models for LPG, we also manufacture models of:

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