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    • Semi-Trailer Road Tanker for Chemicals

      For the transportation of chemicals Manufacture: Stainless steel, with or without distribution system. Capacities: Between 22m3 and 45m3; Chassis with two or three axles; Standard Equipment: Manholes; Valves and accessories; Internal coating; Isolation according to the product to be contained.

    • Semi-Trailer Road Tankers for Bitumen

      For the transportation of bitumen (asphalt). Manufacture: Steel. Capacities: Between 28m³ and 40m³; Standard Equipment: Internal heating; Optional equipment: Discharge pump; Insulation.

    • Semi-Trailer Road Tankers for Fuels

      For the transportation of liquid fuels. Manufacture: Steel, with or without distribution system. Capacities: Between 30m3 and 50m3; Chassis with two, three or four axles; Standard Equipment: Manholes; Valves and accessories.

    • Semi-Trailer Road Tankers for LNG

      For the transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas Manufacture: Steel, with or without cryogenic pump and meter. Capacities: Between 50m³ and 60m³. Standard equipment: With insulation by vacuum and superinsulation; Chassis with three axles; Air suspension system; Cryogenic valve system.

    • Semi-Trailer Road Tankers for LPG

      For the transportation of  Liquefied Petroleum GasManufacture:Steel, with or without distribution system.Capacities:Between 35m3 and 65m3;Chassis with two or three axles;Standard Equipment:Standard or high-pressure pump;Meter (mass, turbine or volumetric);Mechanical or electronic head;Ticket printer or cabin printer;Hose reel for different types of hoses;Manhole;Valves and accessories.

    • Semi-Trailer Tankers for Powders

      For the transport of powdery. Manufacture: Steel or aluminum, with or without pressurization. Capacities: On request. Standard Equipment: Tipper for rear discharge.

    • Semi-trailer Tippers

      Capacity of between 20 and 35m3; Hardox plate on bottom and sides; Semi-circular or square shape; Mechanical or hydraulic rear door; Hydraulic equipment designed and simulated through the use of software.

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